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We get asked a lot how to make healthy eating at home easier. We all know what to to and how to do it but its the actual doing it that is the hard part.

We have created a smoothie subscription to make eating healthy and balanced really easy. The subscription is delivered to your door in daily prepped bags that you can freeze and blitz up as you wish. The smoothies are delicious and ready to go so all the hard work is done for you and we freeze the bags straight away to retain as many nutrients as possible. We only use 100% organic fruit and also provide the milks and juices to be added!

Smoothie Menu

Monday morning energiser – Mango, papaya, pineapple, grapefruit, apple juice

Packed full of vitamin C to give a wee pick-me-up to your Monday. It’s delicious tropical taste will keep you smiling on the coldest January morning.

Tuesday detox – Beetroot, ginger, blueberries, apple, lemon juice, water

Feeling a bit slugish? We’ve designed this smoothie to get rid of all the toxins built up in your body after the festive period. The alkalising lemon and ginger will begin to flush out the toxins, while the beetroot makes sure it all those toxins actually get out the body.

Wednesday midweek treat – Peanut butter, banana, dates, cinnamon, almond milk

Everyone deserves a treat now and then. This  nutty drink is sure to be one of your favourites but dont be fooled by its’s great taste. One serving of this smoothie if packed full of fibre and potassium meaning it’s perfect for keeping you fuller for longer.

Thursday golden spice – Tumeric, black pepper, coconut oil, banana, cinnamon, coconut milk

The golden spice smoothie didn’t only get it’s name from it’s vibrant colour. Tumeric is  one of the most valued anti inflammatory and antioxidant medicines around. The combination of black pepper and coconut oil increases the amount of curcumin (the active ingredient in tumeric) that our body can absorb.

Friday flu buster – Ginger, pear, lemon, spinach, apple juice

January is the worst month for runny noses and chesty coughs. Don’t panic just yet, this smoothie is here to save the day. Ginger helps to relieve that nasty chill in your body while the pears contain luteolin which is effective in getting rid of any phlegm caught in your airways. We’ll have you feeling better in no time!

Saturday super-food smoothie – goji berry, chia seed, cherry, raw cacao powder, almond milk

Superfoods are all the rage these days so we’ve added all our favourites together to make this indulgent black forest drink. Raw cacao powder is a brilliant antioxidant and chia seeds are rich in omega-3 and healthy fats. However, cherries are definitely the winner on this list with LOADS of anti-ageing properties to keep you looking youthful this month.

Sunday hangover cure – cucumber, avocado, kale, apple juice, matcha powder

This hydrating green smoothie is your first step towards normality after having a bit too much fun the night before. Also, the matcha is naturally caffeinated so a great alternative to coffee.

Price – £100 per month.

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Smoothie Subscription

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